Sabha History, Growth  

The Sabha was founded with a view of developing the G.S.B. Community in and around the district of Mysore. The basic aim of the Sabha was helping the downtrodden in the G.S.B. Community, aiding the spread of Education among the community member, Development of Cultural and sports activities among the members.

The first General Body meeting of the Sabha was held on 26-03-1967 at Anand Transport and Printers building at Vinoba Road, Mysore. At the time of the first A.G.M. the sabha had a total membership of 135.

Prabhu Nivas was the residence of Sri. B. Raghuram Prabhu, the first Vice president of the Sabha. In order for better management of the Sabha, and for its development, the committee purchased a site at Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Road known at that time as Modern Lodge, on 01-06-1967 at a cost of Rs. 74,226/- for the purpose of housing its office and to build a Kalyana Mantap for the use of members of the Sabha.

The building was occupied by Mysore University as a hostel for its students and they refused to vacate the building. This forced the sabha to take the matter to the court and after a long legal battle the same was finally vacated by Mysore university as per the court order 31-05-1973.

Subsequently a census of the G.S.B. houses was conducted in the year 1971. At that time there were about 188 houses of G.S.B. Community at Mysore with a population of 1083 people. Over the years, this figure as grown vastly and as on 31-03-2012, the membership of the Sabha itself stood at 1839 members.

At an Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on 21-10-1973, the office of the sabha was shifted to this building and address was changed as Door no. 2250, Jhansi Lakshmibai Road, Mysore-570005. Ever since then the office of the sabha is functioning at this address. This building was formally named as per the diktat of HH Srimad Sudheendra Tirtha Swamiji during his visit to Mysore from 12-03-1974 to 18-03-1974, in memory of Father in Law of the then President of Samaj, Sri. B. Madhav Shenoi and Father of the then Vice President Sri. B. Raghurama Prabhu.

In order to construct a Kalyana Mantap at the site, a lease agreement was entered between the Sabha and Saraswathi Education and Culture Trust , on 16-01-1974. As per the terms of the lease, Saraswathi Education and Culture Trust will construct and maintain the Kalyana Mantap for the period of 30 years and hand over all the movable and immovable assets, of the Kalyana Mantap to be contructed, to the sabha at the end of the period of 30 years. There was also a provision for extending the lease for a further period of 10 years. Also the existing building was to be renovated by Saraswathi Education and Culture Trust.

According to the said lease agreement Saraswathi Education and Culture Trust constructed a beautiful Kalyana Mantapa. It was named after Sri. M. Govinda Rao, the erstwhile treasurer of the sabha who expired on 03-01-1975.

As per the lease deed Saraswathi Education and Culture Trust handed over all the movable and immovables belonging to Govinda Rao Memorial hall, to GSB Sabha on 25-01-2004. Subsequently G.S.B. Sabha entered into an agreement with G.S.B. Charitable trust on 15-03-2004, for running and maintenance of Govinda Rao Memorial Hall for a period of 10 years. As per the conditions of the lease deed, G.S.B. Charitable Trust shall pay a sum of Rs. 5,000/- per every function held at Govinda Rao Memorial Hall to G.S.B. Sabha and the same is being received by Sabha from G.S.B. Charitable trust ever since.

During the year 2010, The executive committee of the Sabha observed that the building, Mukunda Sadana, has become weak as the building is more than 75 years old and found it necessary to demolish the same and re construct a new modern building in its place. Accordingly an Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the members of the Sabha was held on 29-08-2010 and the approval of the members was taken for demolition of the existing building and construction of a new modern building. It was also decided at the meeting that the name of the new renovated building be continued as Mukund Sadan itself. It was further decided that the construction of the building be entrusted to G.S.B. Charitable Trust.

As per the decision taken at the Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting an agreement for lease was entered between the Sabha and G.S.B. Charitable Trust on 21-11-2010. As per the terms of the lease the land will be leased out to G.S.B. Charitable for a period of 29 years and the trust will construct a Hall on the land. G.S.B. Charitable trust will pay ground rent at various rates for the lease period. At the end of lease period G.S.B. Charitable trust will hand over the possession of the building to G.S.B. Sabha with all its furniture and fixtures. Subsequently, bhoomi pooja for the building was held in the presence of HH Srimad Sudheendhra Teertha Swamiji on 22-06-2007.

At present, the new Building is 90% completed, except for the portion of Kitchen and lavatories. The same is expected to get completed within next 3 to 4 months.

The Sabha was led by many visionaries, who were instrumental in development of the sabha and its activities. At various times, the managing committee were chosen and sometimes, unanimously elected.

At the beginning the Management committee consisted of 10 members, 5 among them are office bearers namely, President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, and treasurer and the committee was elected every year. During year 1983, the number of committee members was increased to 12. The term of the elected committee was increased to 2 years during the year 1989. The details of the successive committees who guided our samaj and developed to what it is now, is given at the bottom.

During the year 1991 Sabha celebrated its silver jubilee. HH Srimad Sudheendhra Tirtha Swamiji were present during the celebrations and blessed the Sabha and its members.

To be a member of the sabha, a G.S.B. should be of 21 years as per the first constitution of the Sabha. Subsequently, the rule was modified and amended to include a GSB of 18 years, in 1982.